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Welcome to ArtbyVishakha, a virtual gallery to showcase my artwork.

I've been fascinated and spellbound by beautiful imagery that surrounds us. I derive inspiration from the elements, from people, from culture and concepts that originate in mother nature as well as human civilization. I hope to continue growing and refreshing this array of inspirations captured on canvas while exploring the height and depth of the blissful space of Fine Art.


These creations are also available for purchase and 25% of proceeds from sale of my artwork will be donated to two Singapore registered charities: Big At Heart is doing phenomenal work for young girls in need and migrant worker communities. ACRES is a wildlife rescue organization that deals with, and educates the community on animal welfare issues.


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The most abstract of my collections, many of the pieces reflect the absence of symmetry in typically symmetrical objects/forms. 


This collection explores my love for simplicity - using a pencil and colour to create a more detailed piece. 


A reflection of my fascination with what lies beyond the Earth. 

Into the Abyss

Animals that provide a message from within, a combination that I will not get tired of in

my work.


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Custom Artwork

Request a custom painting or sketch!

At the moment I am specializing in oil painting, as well as acrylic paint to apply techniques that increase the accuracy of facial features and expressions projected by portraits.


If you would like me to make a specific painting/sketch for you or someone else as a gift, simply fill-in the form below and remember to click ‘submit’! I will call you.


- Vishakha

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